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Dry mortar production line

Dry mortar production line

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Dry mortar called dry mixed mortar, ready-mixed mortar, etc.The dry mortar production line is a production line composed of material storage warehouse, metering and batching system, mixing system, packaging system, bulk mortar transportation and material system, dust removal system, quality inspection and control system, production auxiliary facilities, etc.

According to different customer needs and on-site layout, dry mixing production lines can be divided into the following forms:

  • Floor-type production line

    The floor-type production line is arranged from top to bottom with a storage system, metering and batching system, etc., and the batching is carried out through self-weight or auxiliary conveying equipment, and then the layout mode of continuous production is carried out from top to bottom (single machine, double machine, multi-machine, etc.).

  • Floor-standing production line

    Some raw materials are first lifted into their respective storage silos at one time, and then lifted twice to the transfer storage silo on the upper part of the metering system, and then metered, mixed and other subsequent production layout modes are carried out.

  • Stationary production line

    The measurement of some raw materials is arranged below the side of the mixer. The raw materials are first lifted once into their respective storage silos, and then lifted to the top of the mixer a second time after being measured at the bottom of the silo.

  • Factory production line

    Mainly for special mortar, it can also produce ordinary mortar; the main station is placed in the factory building, and the ingredients are all completed by the corresponding screw machine. Mainly bagged, automatic palletizing system can be configured, and bulk packaging can also be configured.




(Standard configuration of dry mortar station)
Host configuration 40+40 Floor style 40+10 Floor style 30+10 Floor style 40or30 Affordable building type Factory style special mortar
Hosts 10+10(CBM) 10+2 (CBM) 6+2  (CBM) 6/10 (CBM) 2/3 (CBM)
Sand bins 4x200CBM 4x130 CBM 4x100 CBM 2x130 CBM Customizable
Main structural Full steel or semi-steel semi-steel (1 or 2 floors) Full steel
Package 2 units 2 units + 2 units 2 units 2 or more
Powder silo

3x130/4x130 (CBM)

3x120/4x120(CBM) 3x75(CBM) customizable
Finished warehouse 2x60(CBM) NIX
Probability screen   Optional (not standard) NIX
Admixture warehouse customizable
Peripheral packaging Standard /optional NIX

Main Equipment

  • Sand-making system

  • concrete mixer

    Additive dosing metering system

  • Mixed host system

  • Finished product packaging system

    Finished product packaging system



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